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Know Pepsin Enzyme, Important Substance in the Body's Metabolism System

Pepsin enzyme is a type of digestive enzyme. Enzymes in the stomach have a very important role in the process of digestion and absorption of protein in food. Lack or excess of the pepsin enzyme can cause digestive disorders. As soon as food enters the mouth, the stomach will produce stomach fluid. This liquid consists of water, mucus, electrolytes, digestive enzymes, and hydrochloric acid or also called gastric acid. This hydrochloric acid functions to change pepsinogen, a substance made by cells in the lining of the stomach wall, into the enzyme pepsin. Pepsin Enzyme Function The main function of the pepsin enzyme is to break down the structure of proteins present in food into amino acids. The body performs this process to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. This protein breakdown process only occurs if the acid level or pH in the stomach is in the range of 1.5 to 2. The pepsin enzyme will not work if the stomach's pH is above 4. As a result of the exces
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Symptoms and Treatment of Scabies in Children

Scabies is a skin disease caused by Sarcoptes scabiei infestation. Scabies in children can cause very itchy skin and sores due to scratching. This disease is easily transmitted and needs to be treated immediately. Lice that cause scabies or scabies can be transmitted if there is direct contact with the patient's skin, sleeping close to the patient, or using clothes and towels worn by the patient. Therefore, if a child has scabies, all family members must also be examined and treated. Symptoms of Scabies in Children When infected, lice that cause scabies will enter the layers of the skin to live and multiply. Dirt, saliva, and eggs that they leave on the skin will cause various allergic symptoms, such as: Severe itching that usually worsens at night or after a hot shower. If scratched, will form sores and scabs, and risk of causing bacterial infections in the skin. Bumps or blisters on the skin where the lice are hiding. Redness and rash appear. Scaly or crusty skin. The

Be Careful, Savory Effects of Vetsin Are Not Without Health Risks

Aside from being commonly added to home cooking to taste, vetsin is also found in many processed packaged foods. For some people, the consumption of berets of vetsin does not cause any symptoms, but some others can actually feel the negative effects of vetsin. Vetsin or also known as MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a food additive that is useful as a flavor enhancer. Shaped like white crystalline powder resembling salt or sugar. Vetsin was first produced by a Japanese researcher who tried to duplicate the natural savory taste of kombu, which is seaweed which is the basis of Japanese soup. In the world of today's food industry, much of vetsin is produced from the fermentation of flour, molasses, or cane sugar produced through a process similar to making yogurt and wine. Vetsin is used to flavor foods without adding a lot of other additives. This is why this flavoring ingredient is often seen as an effective and efficient way of enriching the taste of a dish. In addition to cookin